Introduction to Alice

Appropriately, the first post on this site is your introduction to Alice Afterall. Alice came into existence one Saint Patrick’s Day evening in Wilmington, North Carolina. While she’s American she believes she’s British (she blames this on her British heritage and like Madonna before her, adopted the accent to fit). It could also be that she finds British colloquialisms much finer than Americans though I beg you not to hold that against her. Further, she fancies Canterbury, England quite a bit and would love to someday spend a summer writing there.

A writer by trait, Alice can best be summed up with a single word: duplicitous. Why you may ask? The answer is simple. While she’s materially generous, she’s incredibly selfish when it comes to her intent. She would graciously give you the shirt off her back, leaving her shirtless but thereafter be upset as she would have to go home because, well, she would be shirtless! A muse for musicians, a musician on her own, you will often catch Alice at her keyboard drafting lyrics for friends or sharpening her vocals. Alice is first and foremost a lover of love but if you dig just deep enough you will find that with her, pragmatism often wins out in the end.

Aesthetics is another area in which you will find evidence her duplicity. She equally loves being both blonde and brunette, yet don’t be shocked to find her a redhead instead (she rarely can make up her mind let alone commit to a color). She desperately wishes she could have been a teenager during the late 1950s/early 1960s so that she could wear the beautiful feminine dresses and white gloves daily. Just the same, she loves tattoos and smudged eye liner. It’s similar to “a little country/a little rock-n-roll” only with Alice it’s “a lot classy, a little trashy.” C’est la vie (well, that is her motto after all).

Alice seems to always find fun, celebrity, trouble and men. Unfortunately, fate forever finds Alice. Bizarre events enfold around her at all times as though pulled by a magnetic energy that Alice does try hard to re-direct. Sometimes she feels like Lennie from Of Mice and Men in that the harder she tries with something the more likely she is to crush it. This is why she started writing – to purge all the mixed feelings she has while dating or dealing with this esoteric life. Writing is merely her way of working out her thoughts regarding life and men. Enjoy!